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sms client/server first try

I tried now my first version of server/client system to deliver
sms from one Host to another, I spend now 2 hours, to build a first test Version, and it is
in basic running, will move it to an external git, when I have a first Beta, this is in general running but more or less a case study, have to be finished, then cleaned and secured (auth+crypt):
If you have hints/comments … fell free to post. sms client/server first try weiterlesen

sms python3 script client/server

I’ll try to build a client/server environment using python3.
At the end, this script should do the following, take an incomming email, parse it
so that we just have the Bodytext + Subject, and send it trough python socket server to the
„smsserver“ which sends it to a bunch of different telephone numbers, depending on the
mailsender. sms python3 script client/server weiterlesen