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Build a multi Node Openstack Environment with Openvswitch

Since I have some time to write again I would like to share a small HowTo, how to Install a multi Node Openstack install with Openvswitch (ovs) and provider Networks as vlans for mixed Environments. At the end I will also add a subsection how to add a second vlan and a script how to add tenants, users and internal Networks for the tenants.

The whole Setup is made with Devstack, some bash-scripts. What you should look at, is for sure multi homing (iproute2) and a general documentation about
openvswitch and HowTo operate Openstack with provider networks. Over all this Documentation should be doable also without this (hopefully) and hopefully I have no typos 😉

Lets assume we have 3 networks / vlans
1. Network is the Management Network (for the communication between the nodes and for the webinterface -> Horizon)
The network is: lets say vlan 29 this must be tagged (access port) on the switch / bladecenter –> as vlan 29 HINT: this is the „Segmentation ID“ the gateway is at the end:
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