sms python3 script client/server

I’ll try to build a client/server environment using python3.
At the end, this script should do the following, take an incomming email, parse it
so that we just have the Bodytext + Subject, and send it trough python socket server to the
„smsserver“ which sends it to a bunch of different telephone numbers, depending on the
mailsender.For basic smstool installation/configuration see my howto
(I put it in a chart to visualize the dataflow)
sms python dataflow

Okay will start, on „Server“ and „Clients“ I do:

sudo apt-get install python3

So I have to think, to use smsd user also as user for my own python script or take
a new one. For now I will use this user directory since we would like to have all running
as one user for security reasons. Maybe I run in trouble later, but then I have to rethink about …

Depending on how you install smstools, you could have already a user smsd
with homedir /home/smsd (but not created) and shell /bin/false (which make sense).

Otherwise create one user smsd:

sudo adduser --disabled-login smsd

to be continued, put it first on hold
Okay I started today 20140201 with a first try, of the client/server sms system

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