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How To analyze Performance Issues under Linux

Here I just would like to give an overview over standard Linux Tools, with which you can analyze performance Issues, from memory over IO-Waits and so on …

How to analyze on different levels Performance issues under Linux

I found a similar drawing some weeks ago, a colleague pointet out, that it initialy comes from Brendan Gregg, I extended it a little bit for documentation purposes, so enjoy.

sms gateway under linux

Sitting here, having some USB UMTS Sticks, one Huwaiand one Novatel Wireless, I was thinking to build up an SMS gateway, first of all
for company use, to get Nagios alert SMS, and also to receive an EMail converted to
an SMS on one separate EMail Account.  I’ll use just one of this UMTS Sticks, I guess I have more here
laying around, maybe I will check them later.

Here we go, night is long enough …
First: Novatel Wireless sms gateway under linux weiterlesen