This site is not commercial, it is more or less just as a knowledge base for myself,
if it helps you as well … perfect. Use all manuals, scripts and howto’s  at your own risk.

Somebody said I have to introduce myself a little bit.

I’m an IT … something … don’t know allrounder Administrator, Supporter, Senior Admin and IT-Manager.
I’m working in the IT for now nearly 24 years, I started when I
was 10 to work in a computer company called ESS.
We sold typewriters, copy machines, needle printers, pbx systems … that was 1991.
I had my first contact with Xenix 1992 and with debian 1993 or 1994, and before with C64,
Atari, Amiga, MS Dos, Geos … later than … SuSe Linux, SCO, Cladera, Sun Solaris …
1999 I had my first contact with with Apple System 7.x
Of course the whole time the contact with Dos/Windows nobody is an island …
but this is „normal“ Admin work with Hyper-V, MS-Exchange, Citrix, Navision…

After working in a system house with all the copy machine typewriters, pbx, with the first CD-Burners, with DAT Streamers,
I started in an advertising Agency in 1999 where I had my first contact with Apple and graphic Machines.
I had my own SGI SPARC II at this time 🙂 a nice PizzaBox and an Apple G3 that was the time where we all had a palm with B/W Screen … I had a lot of work with MySQL, Apache, php at this time it drives me crazy and we build our first WAP Sites.

In 2001 I went to another much bigger Advertising agency with bigger Projects, first tries of LoadBalancing a lot of more need
for security … DMZ, iptables, SNORT … later on Nagios, Samba and AppleTalk and in additon to that Windows and Mac problems.

2007-2010 I build up my own Company with 15 Employees we build up a platform with trusted shopping, we used
lucene/Solr with ruby and a PostgreSQL database.

And now I’m working for a Shipping company, where we work all (including most clients) on Linux, most often with Ubuntu,Mint,Debian a little bit FreeBSD, Windows Server, Navision, Citrix …

Ah yes and so just to be more complete… just to have it written down, I made the LPI courses, CNE, Exchange MOC, Operative Professional.

I’m Torsten Bade
Located in Hamburg/Germany
Working as IT-Manager/Senior System Administrator

Okay one more thing, the Like/Sharing/Twittering and so on, is for YOUR Privacy a little bit more complicated,
You have to activate it with the slider, before the Plugin/Like Button gets activated and this companys „maybe“ store
connection details on their Servers.

I use tracking on my site (just to get a feeling how much Visitors I have) and I use piwik, so
when you use my Site, you agree, that I store anonymous Data (like Browser, keywords used) from your visit on my own server.
Here is the Link to the developer Site of piwik



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