Build with packer qcow2 images (e.g. for OpenStack)

First of all, what is Packer?

Packer is an opensource tool for automated creation of identical machine images
for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. That means OpenStack, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Amazon E2 or even docker container.

Packer handles the different virtualization platforms with the integration of plugins, which are then called by the build scripts for the desired virtualization platform .

So here I use the kvm build environment to build a qcow2 image for my OpenStack environment. Think about it, you can easily build up a Jenkins or Go job for automated builds, integrate a checked out source code and deploy a complete … e.g. Test environment for performance Tests … that’s quite cool … or behind LBaaS … start a new instance in OpenStack from latest stable Release … let’s start …
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