IRCD inside Docker HowTo

This HowTo is to explain how to install an IRC Server inside of a Docker Container,
for testing purposes I also installed vim (just take a look at the Dockerfile …) but it was
for testing only, you can leave it out.

1. Become root
2. Type in:
docker info (just to see if docker is installed)
if „command not found“ shows up, you have to install docker-io
3. create a new folder to store config files (to copy inside the container) and the Dockerfile
(config file for docker to build images)
mkdir -pv ~/Dockerfiles/ircd
cd ~/Dockerfiles/ircd
create an ircd.conf
(a lot of examples can be found on net, this HowTo should not show,
how to configure ircd, it should show, how to create own Docker Container)

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